Порно Видео В HD (PornMegaLoad) Stassi Rossi: The Tighter, The Better [Stassi Rossi / January 9th, 2021]

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10 января 2021
Серия: PornMegaLoad
Категория: Порно Видео В HD
Порно Актёры: Stassi Rossi
"I love fashion, home decorating, party planning and dancing," said Stassi Rossi, blonde sweater-buster, who is putting on her own private fashion show at SCORELAND. Tight means right for Ms. Rossi, love goddess. Tight bras, tops, dresses, ass-clinging short skirts.
"I love music and I would love to DJ again. I love music with a lot of bass. My G-spot instantly syncs up with the rhythm." If anyone knows all about that bass, Stassi is the one, if you get what we mean.
"I always dress super-sexy. I pretty much live out all of my sexual fantasies. It is my birthright to be pleasured and worshiped. I cum three or more times a day. I pleasure myself three-plus times a day. I love the world to see and share every sexual experience I have."