Brazzers (Real Wife Stories / Brazzers) Valentine's Day Whorerror Story [Ricky Spanish, Layton Benton / 2019-02-14]

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02 января 2021
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Серия: Real Wife Stories
Категория: Brazzers
Порно Актёры: Ricky Spanish, Layton Benton
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Layton Benton is preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day evening for her husband and is pulling out all the stops. She’s planning an intimate dinner for two at home, but first she prepares by masturbating in the shower and laying out a sexy outfit. She soon finds out via a phone call, however, that her husband has to work late, leaving Layton completely distraught. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse: Ricky Spanish breaks into Layton’s house to rob her, adding insult to injury. It turns out, though, that Ricky is a totally bumbling burglar, and Layton catches him as he pauses his low-key heist to eat from a box of Valentine’s chocolates. With Layton now in control, it doesn’t take much to coax Ricky into a wild fuck.