Brazzers (Doctor Adventures / Brazzers) Cockupational Therapy [Barbie Sins, Danny D / 2019-02-01]

голосов: 1
02 января 2021
Серия: Doctor Adventures
Категория: Brazzers
Порно Актёры: Barbie Sins, Danny D
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Sexy occupational therapist Barbie Sins is the live-in caretaker for a surly elderly woman who suffers from a temper to match her failing eyesight and hearing. After dealing with yet another torrent of abuse as she serves lunch, Barbie is left exasperated and looking for something to perk her up. When she casually texts her boyfriend, Danny D, to express her frustration, she never thought that he’d actually show up and sneak into the house – right as Barbie is reading the afternoon newspaper out loud for her mostly clueless and oblivious charge. Barbie goes on to get the ultimate form of revenge on her stuck-up patient.