Brazzers (Hot And Mean / Brazzers) One Night Is Too Long: Part 1 [Chanel Preston, Gianna Dior / 2019-01-06]

голосов: 2
31 декабря 2020
Серия: Hot And Mean
Категория: Brazzers
Порно Актёры: Chanel Preston, Gianna Dior
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Gianna and Keiran are on their honeymoon and heading to a remote cabin. Along the way, they planned to stop at a bed and breakfast that Keiran's friend recommended. When they meet the owner, Chanel Preston, they realize they may have made the wrong choice! Chanel is mean and aggressive, making them both uncomfortable. As they try to settle and enjoy their stay, Gianna spills wine on a quilt which turns out to be a family heirloom. Chanel is pissed and drags Gianna into the laundry room to clean up the mess. Gianna desperately tries to scrub out the stain, showing her tight, pink, pussy. Chanel can't help herself and masturbates while she watches Gianna bent over on the floor. Chanel is going to make Gianna sorry for ruining her property!