Brazzers (Hot And Mean / Brazzers) Wanted Fucked Or Alive: Part 1 [Lela Star, Molly Stewart / 2018-12-09]

голосов: 1
30 декабря 2020
1 107
Серия: Hot And Mean
Категория: Brazzers
Порно Актёры: Lela Star, Molly Stewart
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ZZ Gang leader, the notorious Lela Star, has rolled into a sleepy Wild West outpost to rescue neophyte gang member Molly Stewart, who has been arrested for a botched bank robbery and is being held by Sheriff Charles Dera until the hangman arrives. But first, Lela needs to gain access to the town jail if she wants to free, and fuck, Molly. Lela decides to hold up a general store and gets caught in the act, encouraging Sheriff Dera to toss her in the slammer. After Lela takes Molly to task, teasing her wet pussy as she reminds her of the ZZ Gang's code of conduct, they are able to plot their escape – and then celebrate their plan with some hot scissoring and pussy eating under the Sheriff's not so watchful eye.